About Churchy

Churchy was founded for one simple reason: to deliver top-tier film and digital marketing content to organizations that we believe in.

Churchy’s founder and team members are experts in marketing and media production, and have worked with brands including The Hollywood Reporter, Big Idea, Delta Airlines, Salvation Army, People Magazine, USA Today, Goodwill, and the Motion Picture & Television Fund. They have produced hundreds videos for churches, missions organizations, and other non-profits. They also produced and supervised the production of the Pure Flix film “Turn Around Jake”, which followed “God’s Not Dead” in 2014.

It it is more crucial than ever that churches, ministries and other non profits have branding that entices and engages their communities on a continuous basis. Churchy specializes in producing custom videos that tell the story of a church and its people, all at a level of quality that stands out from the noise. Churchy believes in creating content that inspire growth, build community and increase engagement for churches and non-profits around the world.

Some of our clients

purpose church
guardian dog
for the boys
homework house
village fitness
new life

What people are saying

  • "We hired Churchy to create a promotional video for one of our conference events. We couldn’t be happier with it. We know our promo video will greatly enhance our marketing efforts."

    Gabe DeSoto Director of Marketing, Converge
  • "Every project is done with the highest of quality and right on point with today's generation. Without any hesitation we would recommend Churchy to anyone desiring excellence in impacting the Kingdom."

    Waldir Guerrero Director of Worship Ministry, EFree Diamond Bar
  • "Churchy has given us a cost-effective way of engaging our community and helping them see our mission."

    Chris Lewis Lead Pastor, Foothill Church
  • "Churchy's ability to take something as mundane as a chair, and make it so much more, truly was inspired."

    Bruce Prock VP of Marketing, Bertolini Sanctuary Seating
  • "Churchy does a phenomenal job of telling beautiful stories. I use Churchy for all my video content needs and could not be happier."

    Matt Klingler Village Fitness, Founder